Anxiety & Behaviour

Natural Calming Supplements

Natural calming supplements for dogs, cats, and other pets are designed to support your pet when they are stressed and anxious. They are different from a medication your vet would prescribe as they only contain naturally-occuring ingredients.

Just like us humans, our pets and dogs can feel stress and anxiety too. But unlike us, they don't understand what is happening and find it hard to control. That's why we, as pet owners, need to help them to find calm and peace.

Why Use A Natural Calming Supplement?

Firework season, from November to January, is a time when many pets suffer with fear and anxiety, but can also find travel or storms or parties difficult too. A non-prescription, natural calming supplement for pets can help to make these scary events more bearable. A stressed or anxious pet may start to howl, whine, bite, shed excessively, lick excessively, and more, which can be distressing for us and for them.

Our Calm acts like a rescue remedy for dogs, with human-grade, 100% natural herbs. Our Calm Xtra is extra strength, with added Jamaica root, and wild lettuce, that will work after just 20 minutes. It's perfect for supporting very stressed, or anxious dogs, as well as hyperactive dogs to be calmer and happier.

If you aren't sure what the best natural calming supplements are for your pet, contact our team on Facebook or by email for a helping hand.