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Equi-Devils Claw - Joint aid

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Equi devils claw is a quickly absorbed, fast-acting liquid herbal extract known for its ability to support painful, arthritic joints and maintain flexibility. A trusted choice among vets, stables, and riders, this practitioner-quality supplement offers a natural alternative to Bute, promoting joint health and comfort.

Key Ingredients:

Devil's Claw:

  • Recognized for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Devil's Claw is effective in relieving joint pain and enhancing mobility. However, it should not be used if there are existing gut health issues as it can exacerbate these conditions.

Combined Benefits:

Easy Administration:

  • The liquid form allows for simple, stress-free administration, ensuring that your horse receives its daily dose without hassle.

Joint Health Support:

  • Provides relief for painful, arthritic joints, helping to maintain flexibility and comfort without the use of harsh medications.

Safe and Natural:

  • A natural formula offering an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, with a focus on safety and efficacy for equine joint health.

Additional Information:

Important Note:

  • Devil's Claw is not suitable for horses with existing or suspected gut problems. For these cases, consider our Equi-Ease, which is formulated to be safe for horses with such issues and also supports liver function.

Alternative Product:

  • Equi-Ease, which not only caters to horses with gut sensitivities but also aids in managing adverse reactions to Bute and other NSAIDs, while supporting liver function.