Phytopet Homeopathic FCV Support Immune Function Support Supplement


FCV Support

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Homeopathic combination of: 10g Feline Calicivirus (30C) Borax (30C): Phosphorus (30C) Pulsatilla (30C). FCV Support contains a Homeopatic combination of:
Feline Calicivirus (30C): is a homeopathic form of the Calicivirus. Homeopathic ingredients support the bodys natural resilience to harmful agents.
Borax (30C): Borax is a white crystalline mineral, mainly used for mouth ulcers and cold sores. Cats that would benefit from this remedy are usually impatient and easily. They are easily startled by noise, and their sleep is easily disturbed. Physical symptoms relate to the mucus membrane of the mouth, nose, gastric tract, and genitals.
Phosphorus (30C): This remedy is mostly derived from North Africa in volcanic regions and is commonly known as calcium phosphate. It is commonly used for severe coughs and a sore throat.
Pulsatilla (30C): The use of Pulsatilla for medicinal purposes dates back to Ancient Greece when it was used to cure weepy eyes. In Roman times it was used for eye conditions and tooth hygiene. It is also used for cough and colds, congested catarrh, and blocked noses.