Equi-Culcoides Midge 30C

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Equi-Culcoides Midge 30C

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Equi-Culcoides Midge Homeopathic 30C is a specifically formulated remedy made from the midge, designed to help manage and calm sweet itch in horses. Administered daily throughout the sweet itch season, this homeopathic remedy can significantly alleviate symptoms.

Key Ingredients:

Culcoides Midge (Homeopathic 30C):

  • Derived from the midge, this homeopathic preparation aims to relieve symptoms associated with sweet itch by following the principle of 'like cures like.'

Combined Benefits:

Targeted Sweet Itch Relief:

  • Specifically formulated to address and soothe the symptoms of sweet itch, providing relief throughout the season.

Complementary Treatment:

  • Works effectively in conjunction with other homeopathic remedies such as Caladium and Sulphur for enhanced relief and comprehensive care.

Additional Information:


  • Recommended for daily use throughout the sweet itch season to manage symptoms and improve comfort.

Complementary Remedies:

  • Caladium and Sulphur are suggested as complementary treatments to enhance the effectiveness of Equi-Culcoides.