Skin & Coat

Natural skin and coat supplements for dogs and cats are designed to soothe and condition your beloved pet's skin and coat. They can support silky coats and reduce itchy skin.

Sometimes our own skin can become dry and sore or can be exposed to allergens and become inflamed. Our pet's skin is no different. They are out and about, running through long grass and under hedges, and more often than not prone to cuts and allergens. Their diets can also lead to less than healthy skin, so you may find a skin and coat supplement, like PhytoPet Skin Aid, useful to keep your dog or cat in top condition. Natural oils and creams can also help to heal or protect wounds, like honey, which is in our Herbal Skin Balm.

And, just like our feet, your pet's paw pads can get dry, which can cause cracking and soreness. A natural oil, like our Pad Oil, can help to soothe and condition their paws as well as stopping itching and irritation. It contains a blend of 100% natural, human-grade herbs like chickweed, calendula, and lavender oil.

If you aren't sure what the best natural joint supplements are for your pet, contact our team on Facebook or by email for a helping hand.