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Herbal Skin Balm 150g

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Our Soothing Skin Balm is expertly formulated with Honey, Propolis, and Calendula to provide relief and promote healing for minor wounds, abrasions, and skin irritations. This balm is particularly effective for treating Mud Fever eruptions and is safe for use on any animal. Ideal for use in conjunction with our Aloe Wound Spray for optimal cleaning and healing results.

Key Ingredients:

Calendula Oil:

  • Known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, ideal for soothing and repairing damaged skin.


  • Maintains nerve endings and promotes rapid recovery of skin damage.


  • Offers anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits, making it suitable for treating slow-healing or moist wounds.

Honey and Propolis:

  • Natural ingredients produced by bees, known for their healing, anti-bacterial, and protective properties, enhancing skin recovery and protection.

Combined Benefits:

Comprehensive Skin Care:

  • Provides a barrier that supports healing and prevents infection in minor wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

Safe and Natural:

  • Free from harsh chemicals, ensuring it won't harm animals if ingested and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Multi-Use Formulation:

  • Effective for a wide range of skin issues across different animals, enhancing skin health with regular application.

Additional Information:


  • Suitable for animals experiencing skin irritations, minor wounds, or Mud Fever. Can be used safely on any animal including horses, dogs, and cats.

Application Instructions:

  • Clean the affected area with Aloe Wound Spray, then apply Skin Balm directly to the wounds or irritations. Repeat as needed to maintain a protective barrier and promote healing.