Homeopathic Borax


Homeopathic Borax

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Homeopathic Borax is a targeted remedy specifically developed to address fears and sensitivities in individuals who experience discomfort with heights and are hypersensitive to loud, sudden noises, such as thunder and fireworks. This remedy aims to soothe anxieties and provide relief, allowing for more comfortable and calm reactions to these stimuli.

Key Benefits:

Alleviates Fear of Heights:

  • Helps to reduce anxiety and discomfort associated with heights, enabling a more relaxed state in elevated environments.

Reduces Sensitivity to Loud Noises:

  • Provides relief for those who are overly sensitive to sudden loud noises, including thunder and fireworks, helping to maintain calm during such events.

Additional Information:


  • Recommended for use in individuals with a pronounced fear of heights or a hypersensitive reaction to loud, sudden noises.