Homeopathic Cantharis


Homeopathic Cantharis

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Homeopathic Cantharis is an effective remedy tailored for treating conditions associated with the urinary system, such as cystitis and kidney problems, and for providing relief from certain skin conditions, including burns with blistering and hot, burning, itching eczema.

Key Benefits:

Urinary System Relief:

  • Specifically beneficial for easing discomforts like cystitis and supporting kidney health, helping to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with urinary tract issues.

Skin Condition Management:

  • Offers relief for burns that cause blistering and for cases of eczema characterized by intense itching and burning sensations.

Additional Information:


  • Recommended for pets experiencing acute or chronic urinary tract issues, burns with blistering, or eczema with severe discomfort.