Homeopathic Carbo veg


Homeopathic Carbo veg

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Homeopathic Carbo Veg is a versatile remedy tailored for alleviating symptoms related to digestive disturbances such as bad breath, flatulence, constipation, and loss of appetite, as well as respiratory conditions like bronchitis, wheezing, and spasmodic cough. It is particularly effective in cases of vomiting from overeating, offering quick relief for digestive overload.

Key Benefits:

Digestive System Support:

  • Helps relieve common digestive issues including bad breath, flatulence, and constipation. Enhances appetite and aids in managing symptoms of gastrointestinal distress.

Respiratory Relief:

  • Effective in treating respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, wheezing, and spasmodic coughs, providing a soothing effect on the airways.

Additional Information:


  • Suitable for pets experiencing symptoms of digestive upset or respiratory discomfort. Particularly useful in cases of indigestion or respiratory conditions that benefit from a gentle, natural approach.