Homeopathic Cat Combination


Homeopathic Cat Combination

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Cats Combination is a meticulously formulated homeopathic remedy that includes dilutions such as Rhinotracheitis, Calici Virus, and other significant feline diseases. This remedy is designed to support the overall health of cats by potentially offering protection against a wide spectrum of feline illnesses.

Key Components:

  • Rhinotracheitis 30C
  • Calici Virus 30C
  • Feline Peritonitis 30C
  • Feline Enteritis 30C
  • Feline Leukaemia 30C
  • Feline Chlamydia 30C
  • Feline Influenza 30C
  • Feline Imm Virus (AIDS) FTLV 30C

These components are chosen for their potential roles in addressing specific feline diseases through homeopathic means, supporting immune response and overall health.

Suggested Use:

  • Initial Phase: One pillule twice daily for three days.
  • Continuation Phase: One pillule weekly for six weeks.
  • Maintenance Phase: One pillule monthly for six months. This regimen should be repeated annually.
  • Exposure Protocol: If in contact with disease, take one pillule twice daily.

Additional Information:

Indications: This remedy is intended for use in cats to potentially help protect against various feline-specific diseases and support their immune system.

Nosodes Information: Nosodes are prepared through homeopathic dilution. While they have been traditionally used for many years, it's important to note that their efficacy as prophylactics has not been clinically substantiated due to a lack of clinical trials.

Safety Information:

  • As with all medical treatments, consultation with a qualified veterinarian is recommended before beginning this or any new treatment.
  • Monitor your pet for any adverse reactions and consult a veterinarian if concerns arise.