Homeopathic Hypericum


Homeopathic Hypericum

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Homeopathic Hypericum is an effective remedy particularly formulated to maintain nerve endings and support mood. It is highly beneficial after experiencing trauma, during post-operative recovery, or after childbirth. Often used in conjunction with Arnica to enhance recovery and pain management.

Key Benefits:

Nerve Health Support:

  • Especially valuable for its ability to maintain and heal nerve endings after traumatic events or surgeries.

Mood Stabilization:

  • Aids in maintaining a balanced mood, which can be beneficial after operations or significant life events such as giving birth.

Enhanced Recovery:

  • Recommended to be used alongside Arnica to maximize healing and reduce discomfort during post-operative recovery or after childbirth.

Additional Information:


  • Ideal for pets undergoing surgery, recovering from trauma, or needing support for nerve health and mood stability.

Usage Instructions:

  • Typically given before and after operations, or during other significant physical events like childbirth.