Homeopathic Ignatia


Homeopathic Ignatia

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Homeopathic Ignatia is specifically formulated to alleviate emotional distress in animals. It is indicated for conditions such as bereavement, homesickness, abandonment, loneliness, and separation. This remedy is particularly effective for animals exhibiting signs of sadness, depression, or tendencies towards self-mutilation. It is also recommended for animals facing situations like boarding or separation from offspring.

Key Benefits:

Emotional Distress Relief:

  • Helps soothe and calm animals experiencing emotional upset, providing relief from intense emotions such as grief and loneliness.

Support for Depressed Animals:

  • Aids animals showing signs of depression and self-harming behaviors, helping to stabilize their mood and improve overall well-being.

Ideal for Transitional Periods:

  • Highly beneficial for animals going into boarding, being separated from their owners or offspring, helping to ease the stress associated with these changes.

Additional Information:


  • Recommended for use in animals dealing with emotional upheaval, particularly those prone to sadness or separation anxiety.

Usage Instructions:

  • Administration should follow the guidance of a veterinary professional familiar with homeopathy. Typically, Ignatia can be administered during or ahead of anticipated stressful situations to mitigate emotional distress.