Homeopathic Kennel Cough


Homeopathic Kennel Cough

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Our Homeopathic Kennel Cough Remedy is formulated with a 30c dilution specifically targeted to support dogs exposed to or displaying symptoms of kennel cough. This remedy is designed to be used as part of a preventive regimen or as a supportive treatment to enhance your dog's recovery from respiratory distress associated with kennel cough.

Key Benefits:

Supportive Treatment for Kennel Cough:

  • Helps alleviate symptoms associated with kennel cough, supporting quicker recovery and easing respiratory distress.

Preventive Care:

  • Recommended for use before exposure to environments where kennel cough may be present, such as boarding facilities or dog parks, to help bolster your dog's resilience against this contagious condition.

Suggested Use:

  • Initial Dosing: One pillule twice daily for three days.
  • Follow-up Dosing: One pillule weekly for six weeks.
  • Maintenance Dosing: One pillule monthly for six months. Repeat this regimen annually for continued protection.
  • If in Contact with Disease: Administer one pillule twice daily during the period of exposure to the disease.

Additional Information:

Nosodes Information:

  • Nosodes are homeopathic preparations made from pathological specimens. While they have been traditionally used in homeopathy to prevent diseases, the evidence for their efficacy is anecdotal, and they have not been substantiated by clinical trials.


  • Suitable for dogs potentially exposed to or currently suffering from symptoms of kennel cough.