Homeopathic Scutellaria


Homeopathic Scutellaria

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Homeopathic Scutellaria is specifically formulated to soothe and calm young animals that are highly strung, unruly, and exhibit signs of nervousness, fear, and excitability. This remedy is ideal for managing symptoms such as muscle twitching, tremors, and general nervous apprehension, promoting a more balanced and calm demeanor.

Key Benefits:

Calms Nervousness and Fear:

  • Helps reduce feelings of fear and apprehension in young and highly strung animals, aiding in their overall well-being and socialization.

Reduces Muscle Twitching and Tremors:

  • Effective in alleviating involuntary muscle twitching and tremors associated with nervous conditions.

Manages Excitability:

  • Assists in controlling excessive excitability, helping animals to respond more calmly to their environment.

Additional Information:


  • Recommended for young animals, particularly those who are highly strung or unruly, showing signs of nervousness, excitability, and associated physical symptoms like muscle twitching and tremors.