Homeopathic Tartar Aid


Homeopathic Tartar Aid

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Homeopathic Tartar Aid, featuring Fragaria, is specifically formulated to help reduce tartar buildup on teeth. This natural remedy is ideal for maintaining dental health and promoting cleaner, healthier teeth without the use of harsh chemicals.

Key Ingredient:

Fragaria (Strawberry):

  • Used in homeopathy primarily for its effectiveness in softening and removing tartar on teeth. Fragaria is believed to help prevent the formation of new deposits, supporting overall dental hygiene.

Key Benefits:

Tartar Reduction:

  • Helps soften and reduce existing tartar buildup, making it easier to manage and clean during regular dental care routines.

Prevents Tartar Formation:

  • Regular use can aid in preventing further tartar accumulation, promoting long-term dental health.

Natural and Safe:

  • Offers a holistic approach to dental care, providing a natural alternative to chemical-based tartar control methods.

Additional Information:


  • Recommended for individuals or pets experiencing tartar buildup who are looking for a natural method to enhance dental cleanliness.