All Homeopathic & Natural Remedies

Homeopathic and natural remedies for pets are often inexpensive but offer some real benefits. Natural supplements can be used for all of our pets, from dogs and cats, to horses and chickens

So whatever health concern or ailment you want to protect your pet from, you'll find a natural remedy for it in our range at Phytopet.

Shop by condition to find natural, human-grade remedies for common aliments, like our natural supplement for anxiety in dogs, or a 100% natural wormer for dogs, cats, and chickens.

Shop by pet to find the right supplement for them. Try our Phytopet 'Don't Eat That' for cats and dogs that have a habit of eating everything in sight! Or our natural sweet itch soother for horses called Phytopet 'Midge'.

Or if you aren't sure what is best for your pet, contact our team on  for a helping hand.