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Farm & Yard Life Drops Spray

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Our famous Life drops formula, now in a convenient spray bottle format, is designed to quickly revitalize newborn, struggling, and elderly animals. This traditional herbal oral spray supports all major organs and stimulates the vital force, making it an essential tool for farmers during lambing and other critical care situations.

Key Ingredients:

Capsicum minimum:

  • Provides a warming effect that benefits the whole body, enhancing overall vitality.

Mentha piperita (Peppermint):

  • Targets the stomach and intestines, aiding in digestive health and comfort.

Sambucus nigra flos (Elderflower):

  • Promotes peripheral circulation, crucial for maintaining energy and health.

Cola nitida (Kola Nut):

  • Supports the nervous system, mood, and cognitive behavior, offering a boost to mental clarity and function.

Crataegus oxycanthoides (Hawthorn):

  • Known for its heart-supportive properties, hawthorn ensures cardiovascular health.

Combined Benefits:

Quick and Effective:

  • Easy to administer via spray directly into the mouth, providing rapid response to critical needs.

Comprehensive Organ Support:

  • Holistically formulated to support major body systems, enhancing vitality and health in animals from birth and throughout aging.

Essential for Caretakers:

  • A must-have for farmers and animal caretakers, especially useful during lambing season and in critical care scenarios.

Additional Information:


  • Recommended for newborn animals that are struggling, as well as elderly or weakening animals needing a boost in vitality.

Usage Instructions:

  • Spray directly into the animal’s mouth. Repeat every 10-15 minutes until improvement is observed.

Vital Considerations:

  • Especially crucial for lambing and times of stress in farm animals.

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